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Tuesday, February 6

Adrian Tomine:
Killing and Dying 
paperback launch


Personalized copies of all Emma Straub's books available upon request!
Modern Lovers
Emma Straub
Paperback | May 2017
in store $16.00
Women & Power
Mary Beard
Hardcover | Dec 2017
in store $14.36
Brain on Fire
Susannah Cahalan
Paperback | Aug 2013
in store $16.00
Tuesday Nights in 1980
Molly Prentiss
Paperback | May 2017
in store $16.00
Food52 Genius Recipes
Kristen Miglore
Hardcover | Apr 2015
in store $35.00
Jill Eisenstadt
Hardcover | Jun 2017
in store $26.00
Photo by Peter Knox
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